Giant Spirit Criteria

This criteria for the Giant Spirit Awards 2022 is framed over 5 areas –

  • Your Business
  • Your Visitor
  • Your team
  • Your Community
  • Your Selves

Entrants should talk about what you have done and how it has impacted on any or all of the 5 areas.

Giant Spirit Brand Values

The Being and Doing of Embracing our Giant Spirit in Northern Ireland will make a big impact on our visitors

Being = Values

Doing = Behaviours 

Practical alignment of both = Impact


  Our values Practical things we do 

o  ready to go the extra mile

o  warm and welcoming

o  Take pride in being proud

o  See visitors as individual people

o  Care about our first impressions


o  Make it easy for visitors to give feedback

o  Be flexible to suit visitor’s busy schedules

o  Find ways to say yes to things

o  Be the people and place that others want to be part of

o  We keep our promises


o  Positive and confident

o  Leadership and development

o  Innovative, collaborative and forward thinking – open to new ideas

o  Collaborative spirit to do more

o  Continuous improvement

o  Push things to the limit to offer more

o  Look for ways to make things better

o  Set high standards of ourselves and others

o  Look at familiar things from a new angle

o  Share tips of things to do and see


o  Create stories and meaning

o  Create connections – people & places

o  Authenticity and integrity

o  Enthusiastic and passionate about what we do

o  Self-aware and trusting


o  Embrace new technology to bring stories alive

o  Gather and tell stories –old, big, little, true and tall and bring them alive for people

o  Know who our visitor is and tell them the right story to delight

o  Encourage our team to share their own stories

o  Share our passions and interests in our work


o  Care deeply about climate emergency

o  Inspire and learn from the young

o  Heart is rooted in community

o  Balance tourism with environment

o  Collaboration, sustainability and landscape

o  Work collaboratively for the balance of tourism, community and sustainability

o  Take our place in all community initiatives

o  Have inclusivity and diversity policies in place

o  Follow practical guidance to be a responsible employer and operator

o  Ensure the whole team are fully aware of what is now required of everyone


o  Take care of our own emotional and physical well being

o  Ask for help

o  Be ourselves and love that we are all different

o  Love people and the magic moments we can offer them

o   Invest in our both own inner and outer development

o  Celebrate our achievements and successes

o  Understand and are compassionate to the pressure’s others are facing

o  Be funny and quirky when it’s appropriate – show our real selves

o  Regularly find ways to praise and encourage others and ourselves

o  Invest in coaching and mentoring